About Carl Myers

Carl Myers studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Carl then spent three years at Amazon.com working on various infrastructure teams including Builder Tools (The Brazil Build System) and third-party support. Next Carl worked on the Internal Tools team at Palantir Technologies, Inc. where he owned source control, continuous build, dependency management, and the developer ecosystem as they grew from just under 200 people to over a thousand. Subsequently, Carl worked for PernixData, a younger startup, and spent a year there building out internal tools. In 2016, Carl began work at Cloudera, again working on internal tools generally and build systems specifically.

Carl's vision for internal tools has always been to produce an ecosystem so pleasant and productive that it alone would be enough to make sure nobody ever wants to leave the company. Carl's greater vision for the field of software development is to bring that same ease of development to software engineers everywhere. Dependencies are a huge problem and our industry is still young and still hasn't figured out how to solve it. The key to solid dependencies is maintaining a consistent set of reproducible versions which are tested and known to work, and modifying that set of versions atomically, only after validating that the new set with changes also works. By having aggressive automation of testing, developers can have tools that let them reason strongly about their codebase and the changes they are making.